Erwan Le Bourdonnec was born in 1973 in Rouen (Normandy). He spends his time between Rio de Janeiro, where he lives and works, and Begard in Brittany where he leads the Art Center La Tannerie.

He studied art, painting and drawing in Denis Godefroy’s studio in Rouen, starting at the early age of 5 up to his teenage years. He then left Rouen for Paris where he successively graduated from the National School of Applied Arts (Olivier de Serres) in 1993, the ENSAD (Superior National School of Decorative Arts) in 1995, and the Paris La Villette school of Architecture in 2000.

Erwan Le Bourdonnec started working as an architect for Charles Zana’s agency in Paris. He then met Elliott Barnes and Andrée Putman in 1997 handling most projects in the USA: exhibitions scenographies, furniture, and apartments.

In 2005, he then turned to teaching. He has been Associate Professor in Space Design at the Ecole Boulle in Paris during ten years.

In 2012, he opened the contemporary art space La Tannerie where he since curates exhibitions and artists residencies with ADER’s association.

In his art work, via different media and installations, Erwan Le Bourdonnec observes, notes, draws, paints and builds different sky shapes.

He questions the perception we have of it: cultural and built, sensitive and intuitive.

In 2017, living and working in Rio de Janeiro – he started the impossible project of the Sky Shapes Atlas.